Jul 11, 2012

Kelda Helen Roys' Approach to Campaigning: Lie and Mislead Rovian Style

Kelda Helen Rove - Disgrace
Update: Roys tried to present her self as a woman with a "partner: as she trolls for votes among our state's LGBT community and allies, among other cynical machinations. (Schneider. MJS; July 14, 2012) Roys' pursuit of office has taken on a weird cast already, but her recent attacks are ego-driven and desperate.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), candidate for the second congressional district seat, is arguably the most effective and progressive democrat in the Wisconsin legislature.

A lifelong champion of civil rights, workers' rights, and working families, Pocan not surprisingly emerged as a recognizable foe against Scott Walker, ALEC, and the Koch brothers' attempted take-over of Wisconsin after 2010, coining the apt "FitzWalkerStan" last year.

For 13 years, Pocan has represented assembly district 78 in Madison that is without a doubt the most progressive district in Wisconsin, which includes most of the Isthmus wards where Pocan served as Dane County supervisor preceding his election to the assembly.

The second congressional democratic primary includes four candidates, and one of these candidates is smearing (let's call the attacks what they are: LYING) Mark Pocan—yes, Mark Pocan—as a Scott Walker supporter and to listen to one Kelda Helen Roys ... some sort of corporate lackey.

Kelda Helen Roys has decided that the only way she can win the Democratic primary is to attack her leading opponent's strength—his unassailable progressive record, hence yet another negative attack on Pocan, an attack with no basis in fact as Roys well knows.

Roys does not have the decency to say, 'this what I stand for' and let voters decide in this primary election on August 14.

No, Roys' only shot, in her mind, is to go negative in a primary that should be focused on the nightmare of what the GOP has in mind after 2012.

This sucks.

Personally, I have no use for democrats who feel they can only win by adapting the defamations of Karl Rove, Club for Growth and the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity.

Lies, smears and the rapacious pursuit of political power are as much on political trial in 2012 as is the complete take-over of Washington by rightwing Tea Partiers. The stakes are as high as ever.

But who would have guessed lies and smears would play so prominent a role in the democratic primary from the likes of Roys who should know better, and in any case has despoiled her name in her pursuit of political power.

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