Jun 6, 2012

Walker pushed cultural, racist appeals—Resistance remains strong

Scott Walker successfully hit targeted cultural demographics with his out-of-state $10s millions.

A mere two votes per ward separated the two candidates' totals with 99 percent reporting, but lies and money can buy a non-presidential election in Wisconsin.

Walker attacked recall elections, democratic processes, women, minorities, public education and the working class as he consolidated anti-GOP fervor for a generation.

If Walker thinks the Wisconsin people will now follow his underground movement, he is very mistaken.

But not even Walker believes people will follow, as the GOP continues shouting the fiction of voter fraud meant to appeal to concern over blacks and browns voting. Racist appeals against Milwaukee blacks were legion and largely worked.

Walker knows Wisconsin will not vote Republican in a presidential election unless he can obstruct the vote, and outspend by $10s millions with appeals to hatreds obscuring public policy positions.

So, unconstitutional GOP efforts to obstruct voters at the polls will continue, as will the fight against a racist, statist underground political movement.

Make no mistake about moving forward under Walker's neo-fascist rule.

Resistance remains strong.

A 92-two-old African-American man dressed formally walked up to me working at Fitchburg Fire Station #2 yesterday.

"Good afternoon sir," he said. "I'm here to vote."

"Yes, sir; right this way," I walked.

What is striking about the encounter in the face of Walker is the gravitas of the man's commitment to civic obligation and commitment to democracy; he was at the polling place to vote his preference and no one was going to get in his way.

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