Jun 11, 2012

On Civility and Rights

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund
meant for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Scott Walker is making a big show over the eating of brats and beer as he tries to put in the past the GOP voter obstruction efforts, the attack on workers' rights, stealing from veterans and his racially charged campaign to retain rule.

A look at Fitchburg Fire Station, Number 2 last Tuesday reveals why Walker's latest gimmick rings hollow.

The four wards in this district voted with some 78 percent turn-out, a record high for these wards.

Long lines virtually all day for new registrants—overwhelmingly black or young—did not deter anyone from voting but the lines did demonstrate the rigor of Wisconsin's voter registration process that did the job of establishing residency and identity of voters, while the GOP shouted 'voter fraud,' continuing its years-long lie right up to the days directly before the June 5 election.

That's one of the problems with today's Republicans; they are utterly shameless about lying, and lying to take away the fundamental rights of our fellow citizens for not voting Republican.

At the polling place, folks waited in line; entertained the young ones, and made a dynamic community committed to each others' rights and their personal duty.

Scott Walker has made a commitment to decimating the rights of those citizens independent or hostile to Walker's political ambitions.

Stealing Veterans' Good Name

As for Scott Walker's future, his time is coming. Check out this piece on Tim Russell and Walker.

Of special note is Russell's registering the VETERANS HOUSING FOUNDATION, INC, another example of the Walker's gang using veterans' good name as they pretend to care about veterans and then steal their money and their honor.

The problem is the so-called VETERANS HOUSING FOUNDATION, INC has nothing to do with veterans and specifically nothing to do with housing veterans, never did and never will. Just an empty shell. Operation Freedom, Walker style.

The registered name of the business is the perfect metaphor for the Walker con game, just a lot of names and words that sound appealing and advances Russell and Walker's political careers, a game Walker continues today as Russell now faces multiple criminal charges, the investigation of which Walker tried to stonewall.


Notice the Registrant of 'Heritage Guard Preservation Society' is disguised as a Housing Foundation for Veterans, but manta [a small business trade group] says it’s an apartment rental agency. (With three employees, I wonder who they were)

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