Jun 21, 2012

GOP's SOP in Racine—Harass Voters, Cry Fraud with No Evidence

John Lehman, the winner as GOP cries fraud
to a credulous and dumbed-down media
Bluecheddar has the story.

The Wisconsin Republisphere seems to be doing all it can do to discredit the election of State Senator John Lehman – the one Democratic Party winner from June 5th.

To help justify the recount ordered by Van Wanggaard, the GOP is laying down stories like bread crumbs, leading a compliant media and audience to focus on alleged fraud, especially in Racine. ...

Record Turn out

Wisconsin state senate district 21
I spoke with a man I’ll call J. first online and then on the phone [He requested that I keep his anonymity for this blog post]. On June 5 he shuttled voters from their homes to polling places in Racine.

It was the first time he’d ever done this and he did so as a non-partisan volunteer. He told me he witnessed intimidation, harassment, and grabbing of personal documents on the part of Republican observers.

Additionally, he arrived 15 minutes after at least 10 voters were locked out of the Martin Luther King center polling station. Bystanders told him about that lock-out incident — he did not see it first-hand.

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