May 15, 2012

Scott Walker Lying on Jobs ... Again

Wisconsin border states and job loss; we're dead-last
under Scott Walker
Scott Walker is giving even politicians a bad name.

Pay no mind that Wisconsin is dead-last in the nation in jobs lost.

Just in time for his recall election in June, Scott Walker has sent out the word: Wisconsin is experiencing "steady (even) accelerating job gains."

The Orwellian character, John Koskinen, the chief economist and division administrator for the division of research and policy analysis, Wisconsin Department of Revenue is spreading the good news for Walker. [Here's Koshinen talking to the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (April 14, 2011); here's Koshinen talking to the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation (March 2010).]

So, according to the Scott Walker administration, Wisconsin is doing wonderfully in job creation.
Koskinen's assurances of a rosy Wisconsin jobs picture now that Scott Walker is in charge is picked up by the MacIver Institute, the Wisconsin Reporter and Charlie Sykes. And those three—mouthpieces though they be—are never wrong; facts-only for these outlets, even if facts place the GOP in a bad light so powerful is their committment to truth.
The Orwellian reference above is made because Koskinen bears a resemblance to Squealer, the propagandist character in Orwell's Animal Farm, who constantly tells the citizens how great and productive everything really is.
Koskinen says if the jobs picture were really this horrible, people would be flooding the state with unemployment claims. Gee, I'm no economist but could it be that many jobless get told what to do with their unemployment claims by Walker's Department of Workforce Develelopment, hence they stop filing claims in the wake of the worst recession since the 1930s?
So Walker slashed community financing, punched public workers with a body shot, punished public school districts, rejected over $800 million in federal support for labor-intensive railroad projects, while taking away local control, in favor of Walker's ideological and corrupt agenda.

But all is well, we are told. And Scott Walker would never lie to the Wisconsin people.
On a positive note, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) predicts that should Walker survive the recall election and continue his economic and fiscal policies, "Wisconsin will just start to look a bit more like Arkansas."
That's positive because it could be worse, we could be Mississippi.
Some advice to the Tom Barrett campaign: Speak candidly about Scott Walker and tell the Wisconsin people they simply cannot trust Scott Walker to be a straight shooter.

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