May 24, 2012

Tom Barrett, The First Debate on Friday; Look into the Camera and Say

Scott Walker - Smile and smile, and be a villain
My fellow Wisconsin citizens it gives me no pleasure to say what's on my mind tonight. To be blunt and candid about my opponent, Scott Walker who was recalled by the Wisconsin people:

Scott Walker is lying to you.

And I don't mean the polticians' spin on why Scott has established a legal defense fund and why his top aides are charged with stealing from veterans to running Scott's 2010 campaign from the Milwaukee County executive's office, among other crimes.

Scott won't address these charges tonight; he'll just respond to questions of his criminal culpability as a "distraction," from him. It's all about him.

I mean he has pursued a secret agenda: Telling billionaires one thing, and then telling the Wisconsin people another thing.

On jobs, on fiscal policy, on taking over community democracies, on SeniorCare, on turning our capitol, the people's house into a palace in which he think he rules as a king, not an elected servant.

These are not polite words I'm speaking tonight.

But the stakes are too high, and never in my life in Wisconsin have I seen anything like what Scott Walker is doing to our state.

I have run commercials demanding Scott Walker tell the truth about his aides' law-breaking, and release the 1,000s of e-mails on his secret computer system designed to elude the eyes the Wisconsin people, as Walker campaigned on the taxpayers' dime.

George Grosz - God of War (1940).
Fear of the Other, the people.
If elected governor, I will instruct each and every member of my administration that they are doing the people's work, and not mine.

And if any staff member of mine is ever charged while working in my campaign or administration; I say you cooperate with prosecutors 100 percent or I'll testify myself.

So, I ask again. Scott Walker, release these secret emails and be straight with the Wisconsin people.

And I'll say it again: Scott Walker is lying to you. He's thinks you're too busy to notice and he can get away with it.

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