May 3, 2012

Students Can Vote in June 5 Recall Election

As students finish classes for the year, remember that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE in Wisconsin for the Recall Election (Tuesday June 5). Moving out after May 8, but before June 5, you can still vote at your college address. Don't let Republicans stop you from voting.

By the ACLU of Wisconsin

◦STUDENTS CAN VOTE IN WISCONSIN. Under Wisconsin law, as a student (including out-of-state students), you can choose to have your voting residence either at your college/university address or as your family/parents’ home address. You can vote in Wisconsin in the June 5 Recall Elections even if you’re going out of state or away for the summer, as long as you consider Wisconsin to be your voting residence and intend to return here. (Of course, students can only vote once, in ONE place!)

STUDENTS WHO CONSIDER FAMILY/PARENTS’ HOME THEIR VOTING RESIDENCE: If you prefer to vote in your family or parents’ home district, (and your family has lived at that address for more than 28 days before Election Day), you can register and vote in the Recall Election at the voting location for your family home. Election Day registration is still available.

STUDENTS WHO CONSIDER COLLEGE THEIR VOTING RESIDENCE: If you are moving after May 8 and before June 5, you can register and vote at your polling place based on where you are living before May 8. If you’re just moving within the same city, you can even go on June 5 and vote in person at the polling place that corresponds with the address or dorm you lived in before May 8.

◦STUDENTS CAN VOTE EARLY AND IN PERSON IN LATE MAY. Students (including students moving after May 8 and before June 5) can register and cast an “early absentee” ballot at the clerk’s office in the place they live for school before leaving for summer vacation. Early absentee voting at clerks’ offices will be during the week of May 21 and the week of May 28. Some clerks’ offices will be open Memorial Day weekend – call your clerk for hours and details. Clerks list:

◦STUDENTS CAN GET AN ABSENTEE BALLOT IN THE MAIL. Students who are moving after May 8 and before June 5 can register to vote where they live before May 8, fill out an absentee ballot request form, and ask the clerk to mail you the absentee ballot at the address you’ll be at in late May/ early June. For your ballot safety, contact your clerk directly for a ballot request and mail your absentee ballot back so that the clerk RECEIVES is by June 5.

◦TO REGISTER TO VOTE, HAVE PROOF OF YOUR ADDRESS. To register, bring a document with your name and voting address: a university photo ID along with a university fee receipt or list of dorm residents; driver’s license; state ID; recent utility bill (electric, cell, phone, cable, etc.); lease; bank statement; pay check; employer ID card; or government document or check.

◦YOU DO NOT NEED PHOTO ID TO VOTE IN WISCONSIN for the Recall Election. But, if you have a Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID, bring it, so you can write your ID number on the voter registration card. (If you don’t have a license or ID, you’ll just write the last four digits of your social security number on the registration card).

Questions or problems? The ACLU of Wisconsin and other groups will be part of Election Protection on June 5. Call us on Election Day at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Like the Wisconsin Election Protection Facebook page or follow @EPWisco on Twitter to share your stories, questions and concerns!

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