May 18, 2012

New strategy should be: Scott Walker is a liar

Tim Russell - Walker's top guy and criminal scum
who stole from veterans
Update: Our most candid of recent Wisconsin members of Congress tells it like it is. “The governor has a severe problem with the truth, whether it be the way he’s handling this investigation, whether it be the jobs numbers, the whole routine he had that somehow, this attack on the working people of this state was a budgetary matter, along with the budget. He has a very bad relationship with the truth overall,” said Russ Feingold, speaking at a press conference with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on May 23.

By now it's clear local print and broadcast news refuse to hold Scott Walker to basic standards of good government, burying stories of Walker corruption and crime.

In the case of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the outlet has become a GOP propaganda organ displacing a newspaper.

Here's a 'tactic,' tell the truth about Walker.

Tom Barrett should look into the camera and say what most everyone—including Republican partisans—know fully well: Scott Walker is a compulsive liar who cannot be trusted.

A candidate who speaks the truth will capture the imaginations of voters despairing their government is lost to narrow, anti-public interests bankrolling Scott Walker.

Walker sold out the people of Wisconsin, even condoning stealing from veterans. This truth should be told.


  1. Check out

  2. It's now been documented by Politifact, Walker lies more than the lying Republican Governors:

    Which is why, come November, the entire nation will be watching how Wisconsin votes: