May 19, 2012

MJS Channels Nixon for Scott Walker

The Milwaukee Journal from 1973 (above) -
The golden age of journalism when corrupt
politicians such as Richard Nixon were held
accountable, - Today, the Journal-Sentinel is
not a check on Wisconsin's own Nixon, Scott Walker.
The Journal-Sentinel actively promotes his career,
shields Walker's corruption, even creating an
enemies' list in service to Scott Walker. And now,
the Journal-Sentinel formerly endorses Walker.

Update IV: A fact for future reference, James L. Santelle is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Update III: If a federal grand jury is looking into Walker's conduct while serving as Milwaukee County executive, it would be sitting in Milwaukee. Federal grand juries are empaneled for 18-month terms and may be inquiring into a number of matters at the same time. No mainstream journalist has even asked Walker the question of whether he or his defense attorneys have met with federal investigators or federal prosecutors.

Update II: Seen May 21, former U.S. Attorney turned Scott Walker defense attorney Steve Biskupic leaving the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee, accompanied by Michelle Roberts, former first chair of criminal division and an appellate lawyer and litigator, now with Biskupic’s firm.

Update: According to well-informed sources, Scott Walker has met with federal prosecutors in the last several weeks in a separate investigation looking into public misuse of office.

This, in addition to already having met with Milwaukee County John Doe investigators probing what and by whom crimes arising out of the 2010 Walker for governor campaign may have been committed.

"Overzealous political associates sometimes get in trouble. The John Doe probe doesn't justify a vote against the governor"

So reads the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel as it continues its in-kind contributions to the Scott Walker campaign.

Racing with our friends at Cognitive Dissidence and other sites to write the Nixon parallel.

How the Journal-Sentinel is able to divine that associates [passive voice] got into trouble, and that the man at the top is innocent is unclear. The editorial writers at the Journal-Sentinel are not from Wisconsin, so old Wisconsin values are not held

"I will not place the blame on subordinates, on people whose zeal exceeded their judgment and who may have done wrong in a cause they deeply believed to be right. In any organization the man at the top must bear the responsibility. That responsibility, therefore, belongs in this office. I accept it."
- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel May 1, 1973

That quote above is from Nixon pretending to take responsibility for Watergate and the cover-up.

But Walker and his mouthpiece don't even bother with the last two sentences about responsibility and accepting responsibility.

Walker says nothing in public, and the Journal-Sentinel excuses Walker for him.

It is simply not credible that Walker did not know that the aides he hired and promoted ran his 2010 campaign out of the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

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