May 2, 2012

$Millions spent, no John Doe ads yet and Walker still stuck at 50 percent

From to Scott Walker's campaign to
Scott Walker's criminal defense fund
The only governor in Wisconsin history who set up a criminal defense fund has not seen TV spots noting his rise to power detailed in the criminal complaints against his top aides in the John Doe probe.

Not yet.

But the hottest non-presidential race in the country will change dramatically after the May 8 recall primary when the Democratic nominee will have a sprint of 27 days to focus on Walker's naked corruption, job loss and his ideological and policy war on women and working families.

U.S. job creation nears a four-year high as Walker has not just dropped the ball on job creation at home, he has thrown the ball out of bounds into the hands of Wisconsin's border states.

Even after spending $millions on misleading TV spots in the air war that for months he had virtually to himself, Walker is still running only at a statistical dead-heat with Democratic opponents.

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