Apr 6, 2012

Tim Russell may be positioning himself for a plea bargain

Tim Russell - Scott Walker's guy, thief of
veterans' funds, and knower of secrets

Another take on Scott Walker's friend, Tim Russell, and his legal machinations.

By Chris Liebenthal

.... While it is true that Russell was more than just a friend to Walker, being one of Walker's top lieutenants and entrusted with many important aspects of the campaign (albeit almost all illegal), there has been word that Walker and Russell are on the outs. Word is that Russell feels betrayed by Walker, and probably rightfully so. Apparently, Russell has been reaching out to Walker and other Republicans, asking for financial assistance but only getting rebuffed.

Russell could be charged with so much more than just embezzlement. And the District Attorney's Office has enough on him that they could probably put him away for life, or darn near close to it. This has to be weighing heavily on Russell's mind. While I have no way of knowing if prosecutors have been using these facts on Russell, I am sure he's thought about it, time and time again, on his own. ...

It could be very well that Tim Russell is positioning himself for a plea bargain, much akin to the one given to Darlene Wink.

If that were to happen, not only would it blow Walkergate wide open, it would effectively end Walker's political career. Or at least one would hope.

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