Apr 28, 2012

Scott Walker sticking to using policy to hit political opponents: Wisconsin Families

Teachers - not the bad guys
Scott Walker is a religious zealot who has never had qualms aligning himself with the most anti-social, voracious and predatory moneyed interests in pursuit of his far-right ideology and personal glory in the Republican Party.

When Walker called a special session on "job creation" in May 2011, Walker and the Republican legislature granted Walker the power of executive fiat (governor's say-so) over the language and approval of administrative rule-making. A rule implementing a statute becomes a rule, if and only if, in Walker's mind the rule meets Walker's ideological requirements. (2011 WISCONSIN ACT 21)

Now, Walker has again taken aim at public teachers as the scourge of society and the economy by "systematically attacking the workplace protections, wages and benefits of Wisconsin teachers(,) [an attack on teachers that] is no longer in question" in his quest to dismantle Wisconsin's public school system. (Capital Times, April 26, 2012)

What Walker and his radical ideologues do not realize (or perhaps not care about) is that many families in Wisconsin have a teacher in a the family, a teacher who is part of the extended family, a family friend, and (in a shocker to Republicans) a dedicated former teacher who is a role model, friend and: A teacher.

If this point were not too obvious, I found evidence for this fact in the field when I had the pleasure of gathering signatures in Fond du Lac for recalling that shit-bag, Randy Hopper, and discovering some six of the 10 signatures I gathered on my first petition sheet met one or more of the criteria of the above paragraph. Other field work confirmed this in other districts confirmed this.

I still believe Walker and his veteran fund-stealing top aides will put away Walker, but demonizing teachers is not just an outrage, politically it's pretty stupid.

I received a lot of quotes from veteran friends about Scott Walker condoning his aides' stealing from veterans, here are two:

Lem Genovese, Yankee Medic

”What did you expect for a GOP governor that wants to remove unions and collective bargaining from Wisconsin. You get what you paid for in Walker and embezzlement is just another nail in his re-call coffin.”

Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky

United States Army (28 January 1968 to 22 Oct 1970)
Company A, 27th Combat Engineers
28 August 68 to June 69
Crew Chief/Door Gunner
240th Assault Helicopter Company
Mad Dog Huey Gunships (UH-1C Hueys)
In-Country, South Vietnam (28 August 68 to 22 October 70)

“The following award is being presented to Scott Walker, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell for actions BELOW and INFERIOR AGAINST VETERANS: The Distinguished RAT BASTARD Tail for Thievery and Lack of Accountability.”

“At least Benedict Arnold had the guts to openly fight against the American Veterans he sold out!”

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