Apr 2, 2012

GOP Politics Bombards Younger Generations

A piece today spells out some of the reasons younger voters are fleeing the Republican Party.

Don't agree with some of the analysis but worth a read; Stephen Marche in Esquire. The War Against Youth.

Having obliterated the economic futures of younger Americans, Mike Lofgren, long-time Republican Congressional staffer, reminds us last year that Social Security and Medicare are next on the chopping block for when younger generations get older.

And Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney promise to lead the way.

Is there any question why the GOP tries to stop these young Americans from voting?

With "Obama Trouncing GOP Candidates Among Female Voters," there is a distinct possibility we may just see a wave election after all, if the GOP fails in its voter obstruction project.


Across the country, state branches of the Republican party are making a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise the young through "voting reform." The trick is simple: Require government-issue photo ID before allowing somebody to vote. Eighteen percent of young voters don't have current photo IDs. Scott Walker in Wisconsin has signed this "reform" into law. So has Rick Perry in Texas. Similar new rules are going forward in roughly thirty other states. Restricting out-of-state IDs is a natural next step, already under way: That way, thousands of college students won't be able to vote. The Advancement Project, a civil-rights advocacy group, calls the move "the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century."

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