Mar 21, 2012

Van Hollen Wants Expedited Review for Corrupt Purposes

Stop me before I obstruct again; wait, don't stop me

Attorney General Van Hollen (Republican) says the voter obstruction act will obstruct voters, if an appellate court stays the injunction against it taking effect.

Therefore, appellate courts should stay the injunction, Van Hollen argues, out of his concern the act will obstruct voters.

Why would Van Hollen put forth crazy arguments in favor of the voter obstruction act?

The answer can be found today.

[Attorney Lester] Pines noted he filed his case in October [against voter IDs] and that the Justice Department did not seek an expedited resolution of it until after [Judge] Niess ruled against it.' (Marley. MJS)

'These appeals are not about the April election. They're about the recall elections,' Pines, said referring to expected elections in May or June to recall Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans.

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