Mar 28, 2012

VA Awards Nearly $800,000 to Wisconsin Veterans Home

Fairchild hall at Wisconsin Veterans home in Union Grove

Union Grove Receives Federal Grant for Improvements

As the Ryan-Romney proposed budget fails to even mention funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Obama 2013 budget proposes a some 10 percent increase. The 2013 budget the President recently unveiled makes veterans a top priority.

Don't expect applause from the veterans' benefits-hating Republicans. Mitt Romney still thinks giving veterans vouchers is a good idea.

Wisconsin is seeing federal veterans dollars that fortunately Scott Walker did not shoo away like $810 million in jobs-creating railroad infrastructure money.

WASHINGTON –The Department of Veterans Affairs is awarding nearly $800,000 to renovate the heating, ventilation and air conditions systems at Fairchild and Shermanske halls at the Wisconsin Veterans home in Union Grove.

“Our federal-state partnership helps ensure that comfortable and safe housing is provided in a caring community for Wisconsin Veterans who have served their country,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.
VA’s grant will cover approximately 65 percent of the project’s cost, which carries a $1.2 million price tag.

Last year, VA spent nearly $2.2 billion in Wisconsin to serve the state’s 408,000 Veterans. VA operates major medical centers in Madison, Milwaukee and Tomah, outpatient clinics and Vet Centers across the state, and a national cemetery.

Information about the Wisconsin state Veterans homes at Chippewa Falls, King and Union Grove can be obtained on the Internet at or by calling (715) 258-5586.

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