Mar 26, 2012

One, Two Punch Knocks out GOP Ethics Complaints

Ernest A. Canning and Edward A. Fallone each offer devastating rebuttals to the current Republican-Rick Essenberg-Media Trackers-yada, yada attacks on any judge, institution, journalist that has the gall to exercise her rights under Article XIII, section 11 of the Wisconsin Constitution and call for a recall election, or simply calls for the Rule of Law.

Check out the links to Ernest A. Canning and Edward A. Fallone.

Game, set and match.

Like Mordecai Lee, journalism should begin to treat Rick Essenberg as a paid GOP mouth piece with a disdain for facts and the law, as is his right. But Essenberg is a flack and not a 'legal expert' as he is often described.

At some point, journalism may even point out as a fact that voting is extremely well-protected in Wisconsin in the Constitution as a foundation of the state. Even if Essenberg and the GOP take the contrary view.

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