Mar 13, 2012

GOP Challenge to Recall Fizzles into Nothingness

All the GOP noise about their not being enough signatures to recall Scott Walker, Kleefisch and four GOP senators turnes out to be just that: Noise.

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) ruled it has validated enough signatures to recall the six Republicans, and is still counting.

As for the GOP Verify the Recall groups, turns out they were just a lot of noise as well.

"Mike Haas, an attorney for the (GAB), notes that the databases the groups created had data entry problems that rendered them 'seriously flawed' in some cases (Marley. MJS)."

But don't look for GOP groups to admit they were wrong.

We ought to see, however, the credibility of these GOP groups called into question by the Wisconsin press, and when sourced these less-than-credible groups ought to be identified as such.

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