Mar 30, 2012

Bo Morrison Killing Was Self Defense Against Milwaukee Types—Blacks

Segregation in Milwaukee area - Blue is white, red is black
Young women hosted an unreasonably loud party around 1:00 A.M. and party-goers treated the next-door neighbor, Washington County homeowner Adam Kind—the killer of Bo Morrison—with disrespect in early March.

These are not capital offenses; inviting black guests in Slinger, Wisconsin is.

"Police reports said the homeowner [Adam Kind] had ongoing issues with his next-door neighbors. The homeowner told officers he'd seen people deal drugs and stated he knows the girls mingle with individuals from the Milwaukee area, but he told police he didn't report it then for fear of retaliation," reads a report from WISN.

Milwaukee area, you know: Blacks. Who cares if 20-year-old Bo Morrison is from West Bend. Yeah, he looks like Milwaukee to me.

Kind says he feels he cannot tell police the girls hosting the party mingle with individuals from the Milwaukee area, for fear of retaliation; but Kind feels empowered to shoot and kill with a 45-caliber pistol a crouching, young black man hiding after the break-up of the party, without fear of retaliation.

Something smells in Washington County: Adam Kind.

Adam Kind's death chamber

In a related development, PolitiScoop notes Washington County District Attorney, Mark Bensen ruled the killing: Self defense, Slinger Shooting – Not Castle Doctrine After All.

This murder investigation should not be over now, not by a long shot.

"He took one bullet and killed my son," Bo's mother, Lauri Morrison said.

Don't think the Slinger, Wisconsin, police and Washington County DA are too hot on the idea of looking into the killing of this young, black man.

Adam Kind took away everything from Lauri Morrison; 'too bad,' say the Slinger, Wisconsin police and Washington County DA.


  1. Don't attempt to play the race card! Adam couldn't tell the intruder was biracial - the lights were off and it was pretty dark at 2am. Castle Doctrine or not, the DA said the outcome would have been the same under the self-defense laws in WI.

  2. Race card? Try race bullet.

    Actually, the DA report reads the inverse of what you say.

    In any event, I remain opposed to killing young, black men hiding from beer party break-ups; seems excessive to me.

    I would note the many democrats who voted for this imbecilic law as well.