Feb 14, 2012

Where is the outrage from the GOP?

From the Brad Blog
Suppose that the long-time, top aide and confidante of a Democratic governor had been had been charged with stealing funds meant for the children of combat veterans.

Suppose that this very aide has a history of being "ethically challenged and someone to avoid," as described by established sources of his own party. [Murphy]

Suppose further that this top aide has been implicated in directing a secret e-mail system and a conspiracy set up to organize fundraising and political events, while avoiding the eyes of the Wisconsin people on whose dime the scheme was plotted and carried out.

There would, in this hypothetical, be howls of outrage from every Republican from Milwaukee talk radio to an obscure village board director.

Stealing from veterans' families: How low can you get

Corruption and secret I/T systems: Repulsive

Hiring tax-payer paid staff just to have them work on the secret system: Conniving and a slap in the face of Wisconsites everywhere.

But this is not a hypothetical. It's Walkergate: Arguably, the worst political scandal of a sitting governor is Wisconsin history. And these are the crimes and outrages of the Republican Party; so the order of the day is: Silence, deafening silence.

Walker jets around the country to fundraisers as he offers Biblical and religious justifications for his secret agenda with which he ambushed the Wisconsin people.

Fox News? Not a word of condemnation, has Walker as a frequent guest.

Editorial condemnation from GOP newspapers: Lame at best.

Milwaukee talk radio: Takes Scott Walker's side and has him as a frequent guest.

This is today's Republican Party. No ethics, no public accountability, just hypocrisy and venal corruption.

Not your parents' or grand-parents' Republican Party.

And certainly not the squeaky-clean image of Wisconsin's politics we used to enjoy nation-wide.


  1. You know, I might have been able to live with the loss of collective bargaining. I might have been able to live with the tax breaks for cronies. I might have been able to live with the poor environmental policy. I might have been able to live with the health care fiasco.The litany can go on. But I can't live with the totality of this man's policies.Nor the clearly illegal activities of those he surrounds himself with.He must go.

  2. Indeed, and a lot Republicans also agree with you.

    A quote I keep on the side of this page reads:

    "The recall is not about public employees nor is it about politics as usual. It is about Walker's toxic brand of political fundamentalism -- heartless and historically unprecedented -- that should repel fair-minded, mainstream voters everywhere."
    - Paul Fanlund in the Capital Times