Feb 6, 2012

Scott Walker Isolates Himself from Press, Citizens as WalkerGate Breaks Open

"Scott Walker has made himself increasingly unavailable to Wisconsin media and has turned to [rightwing] talk radio for friendly interviews, appearing frequently each week with Milwaukee hate radio shills Mark Belling on WISN radio and Charlie Sykes on WTMJ radio," notes Daily Kos.

A press conference, an unscripted town hall with voters? A meeting with the Wisconsin people where we get explanations?

Not going to happen with Scott Walker, his friends are from out-of-state, or rightwing ideologues.

In another developing story, see $100,000,000 Bear Stearns’ executive, Nicholas Hurtgen given sweetheart bond deal. An old ally of Scott Walker and Tommy Thompson, "[s]oon after awarding the contract [to Bear Stearns], Hurtgen helped arrange two fundraisers for Walker worth $25,000," notes Political Capital in a December 2011 piece. For more background, see "Nick Hurtgen soared as a young Tommy Thompson stalwart, then scored with lucrative bond deals." [Gunn, Isthmus, 05/09/2006]

Via Capper

So who hired Kelly Rindfleisch? Scott Walker ain't telling.

Expect to see a lot more of this in the weeks and months to come, either in regards to Walkergate or the recall. [Easy to second-guess on-air interviews, but Mike Gousha should have followed up with, 'With all due respect, Governor, knock it off. Who hired Kelly Rindfleisch?']

Dan Bice notes the trademark Scott Walker hypocrisy:

In a 2006 news release, Walker blasted then-Gov. Jim Doyle when a state employee named Georgia Thompson was indicted on federal corruption charges.

"Unfortunately, we have a Governor and administration that condones unethical and illegal behavior," Walker said in a statement on Jan. 24, 2006. "The people of Wisconsin deserve better." ...

A three-judge panel later reversed the [conviction], saying Thompson had been wrongly convicted. One of the judges said that "the evidence is beyond thin."

Walker now finds himself under the microscope after four of his former county aides or appointees have been charged as part of an ongoing John Doe investigation into activities while Walker was Milwaukee County executive. The first-term governor announced Friday that he has hired two criminal defense lawyers and will meet with District Attorney John Chisholm on Monday.

Throughout the secret investigation, Walker has defended himself and proclaimed that he does not believe he is the target. But he has said little about the former and current aides caught up in the 20-month probe.

But back in 2006 when Thompson was charged by then-U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic - who now represents Walker's campaign - Walker went on the attack against Doyle, even though Thompson was a civil service employee who was hired in 2001 under Gov. Scott McCallum, a Republican.

"Today's indictment provides further confirmation that the Doyle administration is damaged and must be removed from the Capitol," said Walker, a Wauwatosa Republican, of his Democratic predecessor. "Governor Doyle needs to purge his administration of individuals who place politics and special interests ahead of the people of Wisconsin."

Walker went on to call on Doyle to adopt a series of reforms that the candidate was proposing.

"Little can be said to underscore the seriousness of this charge. I am hopeful that the people of Wisconsin will allow me the opportunity to clean up Madison with the same fervor that guided my reform movement in Milwaukee County."

So what should Walker do now if he is to be consistent with his criticisms of Doyle?

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