Feb 12, 2012

People Power v. Scott Walker

When Gov. Scott Walker appeared on conservative commentator Larry Kudlow's CNBC show last week, the headline crawl asked regarding Wisconsin's recall: “Most Important Non-Presidential Election?”

By John Nichols

Every signal from Walker was that it is just that.

And that Walker, despite his $12 million campaign fund, is running scared. ...

Scott Walker's anti-mandate - Via PolitiScoop
Since the recall drive began, the only big-media advertising campaigns have been those paid for by Walker and national groups that back him. [See also Koch brothers all in to save Scott Walker (Sargent. Washington Post)]

After all that pro-Walker spending, polling shows that he remains vulnerable because of popular disapproval of his policies. Even in the most Walker-friendly recent poll, 55 percent opposed his attempts to limit the number of people eligible for the BadgerCare health assistance program and 65 percent opposed his reductions in state aid to public schools. ...

But what Walker (and Kudlow) said is true. The Wisconsin recall is the most important non-presidential election of the year, and the results will send a powerful message.

It will be a real fight, pitting two critical forces in American politics against one another: the big money that Walker is raising from across the nation versus the people power [whose right to vote the GOP has schemed to block] that collected 1 million signatures on petitions demanding the removal of an increasingly desperate governor.

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