Feb 16, 2012

Archbishop works AGAINST sexually abused children; Gives GOP thumbs-up for averting its gaze

Scott Walker should tell Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki to direct his energy towards helping the children abused and raped by Catholic Church priests. Then he and Sen. Ron Johnson should renounce the Church's crime against humanity, and offer some help.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki has found the chutzpah to advise Wisconsin about corruption, Scott Walker and the recall.

As Dan Bice writes:

In case you missed it, here is the eight-minute segment in which Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki sits down with WITI-TV (Channel 6) over the weekend to chat about Gov. Scott Walker, the possible recall election and church and politics.

The bottom line: Listecki gives his blessing to Walker but not the recall.
Survivors of the Church are outraged.

SNAP, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests has been working since 1988 to stand up for and help heal the sexually abused. It's mission is clear:

We expose predators and those who shield them. We build policies and practices within secular and religious organizations that protect children now and in the future.
SNAP finds that perpetrators, most infamously the Catholic Church—guilty of nothing less than mass rape and abuse of children—enjoy the company of collaborators covering up the crime, and compounding the crime by becoming the obstacle to healing the trauma of its predatory priests.

WISN reported:

Advocates for the sexually abused ... claimed the move was more about protecting church secrets than about money.

The head of SNAP, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, said the group is very interested in what will happen during the bankruptcy proceedings.

"The biggest we concern we have about the next step is, kind of much to our amazement, the archdiocese is going to be in court Feb. 9 and their lawyers will try to throw out the vast majority of victims they asked to come forward," said Peter Isely.

The Milwaukee archdiocese is the eighth in the U.S. [out of 32 archdioceses] to seek bankruptcy protection since the scandal in the Catholic Church came to light in 2002.
Now, the Catholic Church hiearchy has consolidated its political alliance with the Republican Party; and the GOP (see Is the Catholic Church Just a Super PAC in Robes?) is not particluar about the company it keeps if it helps the Party acquire power.

But decent people of Wisconsin should stand up for the betrayed children and demand accoutability from Listecki no matter how deeply into the black hole of nihilism the Church has veered. In return for averting its eyes from the Church's sins committed onto children and women, the GOP is assisting the Church's political maneuver stating repeatedly that President Obama is at war with religion, and blocking bills protecting children.

As Jimmy Breslin writes in his The Church That Forgot Christ (Simon and Schuster, 2004), after leaving the Catholic Church in disgust:

I know one thing. [Former Head of the Bishops Conference William D.] Gregory's church history cannot stand the light of a heavy candle. I issue mine [estimate of abused children] after doing what he and his bishops don't know how to do: walk the streets of the parishes and listen to Catholics who, slowly, reluctantly, but so surely, tell of atrocities by priests on the young.
If the desperate Catholic Church wants to dive further into American politics, so be it; the United States is often a free country.

But the Catholic Church—as the misogynistic and child-rapist protection racket that it has become—and its collaborators like Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and the Republican Party need to look into their conscience and stop, not make worse, the trauma that 100,000s of human beings carry with them until they die.

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