Jan 30, 2012

Pocan Cruises—1,300 Contributors Raise Over $150,000 this Quarter

Mark Pocan
Mark Pocan has established himself as the frontrunner to represent the 2nd congressional district being vacated by Tammy Baldwin, his campaign report shows.

Madison - Mark Pocan's campaign released it's fundraising numbers for the end of year 2011 federal filing deadline. Throughout the campaign Pocan has raised contributions from 1,310 individuals and organizations.

"It's been a very encouraging quarter." Pocan said. "From the start, this campaign has been driven by the hundreds of grassroots supporters who believe in it. We based this campaign on the idea that we need to do more than just talk about our progressive values, we need to get things done for working people. It means a lot to me that that message is resonating at a grassroots level."

Over 80% of the donations recieved this quarter came in increments $100 or less. More impressively 97% of Pocan's donors are individuals.
From the Pocan for Congress website:

Mark Pocan has spent the last 13 years in the Wisconsin State Assembly representing one of the strongest progressive districts in the state. Yet his political roots took hold in blue-collar Kenosha, Wisconsin where he got his start at age eight delivering campaign lit door-to-door for his father, a long-time city alderman

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