Dec 1, 2011

Scott Walker's Phantom 10,000 Army

Paul I. Tascoupe has the scoop, while Walker fabricates his own reality:

Walker again made the innuendo on a Republican-friendly CNBC show Tuesday, when he said, 'If they pay 10,000 people to come in, which they can legally do, they will probably get those signatures.' ...

It is Scott Walker himself who is relying on unlimited mountains of sleazy campaign cash from out-of-state corporations to defend his agenda - and it was the Scott Walker Republican party that engaged in the mercenary practice of paying violent out-of-state felons per signature to come in this spring to attack incumbent Democrats. Walker refuses to tell the people of Wisconsin to which states he travels, or when he is even out-of-state, so it is an especially cynical charge for even him to make.
Does Walker present any evidence? What out-of-state army is Scott Walker talking about? Where did he get this 10,000 figure? Can he name ONE Recall circulator who lives outside of state? I guess these questions don't really matter to Scott Walker.

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