Dec 8, 2011

Republican Writer Hits Scott Walker for Anti-First Amendment Edict

Wisconsin Constitution, Article One
Will Scott Walker begin listening (and stop lying) now that a Waukesha-based PR consultant, James Wigderson, is telling Walker to back off the new Capitol rules mandating: Groups of four or more no longer have First Amendment rights?

"Free speech at the Capitol should not be about which interest group has the financial backing necessary to overcome the capriciousness of any governor or his Administration Secretary," writes Wigderson.

Though Wigderson can't resist taking shots at the Wisconsin families protesting Scott Walker, even this Republican now sees that Scott Walker lacks the values enshrined in First Amendment liberties.

The United States and Wisconsin constitutions are to be defended, not subverted. That truism is kind of a biggie for the executive branch.


  1. Actually, that's "freelance writer" James Wigderson. I'm also available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  2. Hey, I sooner have a beer with writer Wigderson than some of these State Democratic Party pukes, like Graeme Zielinski.