Dec 5, 2011

Man Arrested in Washington County for Defacing Recall Petitions

Republican intimidation and illegal dirty tricks against the Recall Scott Walker movement mount.

West Bend police confirm that a Washington County man has been arrested on felony charges for destroying recall petitions.

By Phil Scarr

From Facebook. Tip-o-the-hat to @ShainaLovesMKE on Twitter for the pointer! More as I learn it.

UPDATE: I spoke to the on-duty Sergeant at the West Bend police department and got the following details:

•Incident happened at a residence in West Bend just after noon Sunday

•30-year-old male

•He is still in jail

•Charged with 2 felony counts of defacement of a recall petition

•Apparently, according to a witness to the incident, he scribbled all over the petitions trying to deface the signatures,

UPDATE 2: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has the story and reports on the incident today.

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