Dec 15, 2011

507,000-plus Recall Sigs Gathered, 93 percent in only 31 days

Ninety-three percent of required 540,208 signatures gathered in 31 days of 60-day Recall Scott Walker period

With the announcement by United Wisconsin - Recall Walker the Recall Scott Walker movement has nearly surpassed the required 540,208 signatures, 31 days into the 60-day Recall period: The next step is clear.

Pour it on, One-million-plus signatures.

Ruth Conniff in The Progressive this week applauds grassroots activists and the Wisconsin Wave over the Dim Party apparatchiks like Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski who still will not condemn the harassment and assaults against Recall volunteers.

They think it's bad PR.

No worries, it's no secret Tate and Zielinski are a bit into themselves, but volunteers blow it off and fight for the Movement, for democracy. That's what matters.

Good topical piece by Jeffrey Winter referenced today in the Teamsters blog, quoting Winter: "America’s ultra-rich all together could barely fill a large sports stadium. They never assemble for rallies or marches, sign petitions ... ."

The well-paid Tate and Zielinski ought to grab clip boards, sign the bottom of petitions as Recall circulators [after] and gather more signatures, just like the 1,000s of volunteers across Wisconsin will keep doing.

Me. I'll be at a sidewalk on Friday afternoon getting sigs; and at Club Five Friday night getting sigs with my United Fitchburg brothers and sisters who are constantly using every innovative approach we can conceive to gather as many signatures as possible.

A few weeks ago, I worked with Bill Horns and about 10 others getting signatures on a cold-rainy-windy Saturday in a public land outside Star Cinema. The weather was miserable. The experience and work were great.

We won't stop.

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