Nov 10, 2011

Stanley Kutler gets victory on Nixon files

Kutler is the author of the
the 1997 book, "Abuse of Power"
I had the pleasure of meeting Stanley Kutler a few years ago.

If you combine intellectual rigor with intellectual generosity, one gets a glimpse of Stanley Kutler, professor emeritus of law and history at UW-Madison.

Deboroh Ziff has a piece on Kutler's successful court challenge to open numerous, secret Nixon files to public inspection.

The relevancy of the Nixon files during this time when the Fourth Amendment is imperiled is obvious.

What Nixon did may pale in comparison to what has happened in this country the last 10 years.

The public needs to know.

UW-Madison News also has a nice piece, Historian’s work gives a glimpse of Nixon “unplugged.”

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