Nov 28, 2011

Scott Walker Recall Rocking

Update: The Nation's John Nichols has an update on the petition drive to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker -- more than 300K signatures -- more than half of the required signatures (540K) -- after only two weeks, with a disproportionately large percentage coming from rural areas, where Walker ran well last year. - Via the Democratic Strategist

Keep gathering signatures
is the order of the next several weeks amid GOP dirty tricks and GOP whining about what is assumed to be an operation that will succeed in recalling Scott Walker.

The backlog of quality control and data entry of signatures gathered over the holiday weekend is large.

Sources in the Recall effort in Dane County said several smaller, rural Wisconsin county campaigns have already surpassed their quota in signatures gathered, less than two weeks into the 60-day recall period.

Republicans are scared and can read the writing on the wall. Writes John Peterson, "Right now, they’re acting like cornered animals."

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