Nov 23, 2011

Republicans Against Scott Walker

Reports are coming in from the field in Dane County that many self-IDed Republicans in neighborhoods populated by professionals are signing the recall Scott Walker petition.

Comments similar to, 'he didn't have to do that,' referring to attacking teachers and demonizing public sector workers generally are becoming more common.

One realtor who said she/he will be signing for recall, said Walker's turning away $850 million in federal funding for a labor-intensive high-speed rail network from Milwaukee to Madison is "idiotic."

Other comments allude to Walker's divisive and disingenuous behavior as governor.

Looks like working for the Koch brothers does not sit well with all Wisconsin Republicans.

Some of the comments are personal. They just don't like Scott Walker.

As of Tuesday morning [just one week into the 60-day recall period], Dane County [one of 72 counties] had some 55,000 recall signatures alone; 540,208 signatures are required to recall Walker.

Statewide, a figure that was quoted by a Recall worker is 158,000 is six days.

Walker is the former County executive of Milwaukee County, where Walker is argubly most despised.

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