Oct 31, 2011

Scott Walker Seeks Recall Law Change to Stop Recall Against: Scott Walker

Update: Poll: Strongly disapprove of Walker - 45; Somewhat disapprove - 11.

No wonder this guy has to cheat, and change the rules in the middle of the game.

Wisconsin's Scott Walker and the Republicans just may be outdoing Republicans in other states in their contest on who can be the most corrupt.

Today, Scott Walker's cronies in the Wisconsin legislature held a hearing on their plot to rig the recall rules to obstruct the recall campaign against Walker beginning Nov. 15.

By Mike Tate

As I write, Scott Walker and his rubberstamps in the legislature are taking an ax to the foundations of Wisconsin's democracy to try and protect their own jobs.

Just days before we begin collecting signatures, Scott Walker's fellow Republicans are attempting to add a new requirement that all recall petitions must be notarized.

Scott Walker knows we have the energy and the support needed to recall him now, but rather than letting your voice be heard, he's trying to put up roadblocks to impede the recall process and sully our democracy.

Rest assured: They will NOT stop us.

Make sure your voice is heard by signing our petition to tell Scott Walker and his cronies to stop abusing their power by trying to rig the recall rules in their favor.
Taped on phone with caller Scott Walker thought was David Koch about the union-busting scheme: "Came home from the Super Bowl ... had all of my cabinet over ... it was kind of the last hurrah before we dropped the bomb."
Scott Walker and his powerful corporate special interests know that they can't stop our people-powered movement. That's why they are resorting to more dirty tricks and political games in a blatant attempt to hold onto power.

In just 10 months, Scott Walker has done everything he can to deny the rights of Wisconsinites at the ballot box. He passed an undemocratic voter ID bill. He signed into law rules that give himself power over the nonpartisan board that regulates Wisconsin's elections. And now he is trying to change the recall petition process itself for his own benefit.

Show Scott Walker what democracy looks like. Sign our petition to save our democracy now and tell Scott Walker that we'll be recalling him soon so he can longer trample our democratic values.

To top it all off? Scott Walker himself voted for the reforms that were put in place in 1999 that removed the notary requirement.

Thank you for your support. Together we will recall Scott Walker.

12 Reasons to Recall Scott Walker

  • 1. Attacked working families, stripping away the rights of 175,000 workers
  • 2. Slashed $1.6 billion from public schools, while handing out $35 million for private school vouchers
  • 3. Made devastating cuts to our health care, including programs for the poor, disabled, and elderly
  • 4. Raised taxes on seniors and working families by $70 million, while giving $2 billion in tax breaks to corporations and the rich
  • 5. Tuition hikes for college students and massive cuts to the UW and tech college systems
  • 6. Joined a lawsuit to repeal federal health care act, allowing insurance companies to drop people when they become sick
  • 7. Refused to defend state’s domestic partnership registry
  • 8. Racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars to his friends at a pricey law firm over the collective bargaining attacks
  • 9. Killed high-speed rail and the thousands of jobs it would have created
  • 10. Tried to repeal phosphorous, clean water laws, and pandering to advocates for corporate polluters, like his Koch friends
  • 11. Consolidated power in the executive office, including stripping legislative oversight of health care programs
  • 12. Passed the most restrictive voter ID law in the nation that will disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters

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