Oct 15, 2011

Life Without You

Never met Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I know him well through his art.

People like SRV send healing though the world.

This song of SRV's is for Anita. As our man, Stevie wrote, "It's a very strong day, today."

Life Without You- SRV

... And the guy that's standing on the ground, that needs some help.
You don't walk up and kick him, if you gonna do that
You better wear his shoes for awhile.
Because you know what? Trade places with him and he'll pick you up.
It's the truth.

You better pass around as much love as you can in your lifetime.
It's all we really have to give or accept.
Are you with me?

... Life without you, all the love you passed my way
The angels have waited for so long, now they have their way
Take your place

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