Oct 3, 2011

Chomsky on Israel, Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street

Noam Chomsky was recently interviewed on RT (Russia Today), the Russian 24-7, English-language news channel.

Chomsky's appearance carries with it historical irony as it was not terribly long ago that Chomsky's work in cognitive science and linguistics was banned because it was deemed counterrevolutionary, hence his work had to be censored by the state.

Writes Chomsky, "One of the favorite weeks of my life was in about 1980, when I received two dailies denouncing me furiously for my work on transformational grammar: One was Izvestia, denouncing it as counterrevolutionary, and the other was Argentina’s La Prensa (at the peak of the neo-Nazi military dictatorship), denouncing it as dangerously revolutionary. They’re all basically alike ... ."

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