Sep 27, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans afraid of students' voting

After passing their voter suppression bill aimed at suppressing the vote of non-GOP constituencies, the GOP is not happy with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB).

Republicans want a special legislative committee overseeing state agency rules to examine the Board’s rules because suppressing votes is the aim of the GOP. The GAB is acting in contravention to that suppression goal in issuing a new opinion this month favorable to students' voting.

Colleges and universities encouraging students to vote? Not if the Republicans can help it.

From WISC:

Two opinions issued this month by the state board that oversees elections in Wisconsin is drawing the scrutiny of Republican legislative leaders.

They called a meeting Tuesday of a special committee to review the action of the Government Accountability Board.

The board issued an opinion that said colleges and universities could put stickers on identification cards and still be in compliance with requirements for the IDs to be used for voting.

It also issued an opinion saying it's OK for a form used to gather signatures to recall an office holder to be circulated online.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and his brother Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald say they want to ensure that the board's actions were appropriate and nonpartisan.

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