Sep 23, 2011

Republican emergency game played at all gov levels

Republicans know a compelling game of destruction when they create one: Emergency.

And the GOP is playing on all levels of government.

Radical rightwingers throw the people's budgets into crises and link the fiscal carnage together demanding policies that the GOP could never run on, and implementing corrupt violations of civil liberties in an effort to rig the electoral game.

Declare wars because of a contrived national security emergency, cut taxes, and then you have a resulting fiscal federal emergency demanding Social Security and Medicare/Caid cuts [and other unpopular GOP objectives] be implemented for more taxes cuts for the super-wealthy, lest the so-called 'uncertainty' prevents the job creators from making jobs for the parasitic working class.


On the state level as exemplified in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker declares a fiscal emergency that can only be solved by launching a surprise attack, dropping the "bomb" on public unions.

Walker then cuts state aide to school districts, counties and municipalities throwing local budgets into crises that can only be solved by gutting public schools as Karl Rove and other GOP operatives advise, eviscerating the salaries and benefits of public workers [except for Walker's political appointees], raiding pensions, halting local control, the list goes on.

To keep its legislative majorities, the GOP engages in massive voter obstruction, union busting, gerrymandering, threatened electoral college rigging, among other fronts of its grand plan to reinstitute the mission of a permanent Republican majority, financed by the Koch brothers and other rightwingers.

The new GOP National Chair is a voter obstruction operative from Wisconsin, Reince Priebus, who worked with the McCain-Palin campaign to in 2008 in an attempt [unsuccessful] to obstruct black and student voters.

The Republican web is wide in Wisconsin.

Yesterday, we learn that a "lobbyist for Koch Industries and energy interests serves with a lobbyist for Pfizer pharmaceuticals as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) corporate co-chairs in Wisconsin, according to documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy at this year’s ALEC Annual Meeting. For some, their fundraising for 'scholarships' to benefit ALEC legislative members raises issues of legislative ethics." [Blogging Blue]

Scott Walker, facing corruption investigations, hires former U.S. Attorney Stephen Biskupic now working for a GOP law firm also handing the GOP gerrymandering of Wisconsin.

Biskupic railroaded Navy veteran Keith Roberts into the federal penitentiary for four years on trumped-up VA benefits [wire] fraud charges after Roberts blew the whistle on the VA Shredder Gate affair, when the GOP went after veterans' benefits in 2001-08.

Biskupic also corruptly prosecuted the proven- innocent Georgia Thompson and several overturned voter fraud cases [see also Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals].

Coming to the rescue and defense of Walker is the perfect job for a corrupt Bush-Cheney U.S. attorney.

Even on the County level, the radical right is getting into the game.

In Dane County [Wisconsin], journalist Steven Verburg reports that "a surprise maneuver by Dane County Board conservatives may cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by holding a financing resolution" hostage as the minority righthwingers demand their way or else.

"A minority of 10 [rightwingers] were able to delay the finance resolution because it takes support of three-quarters of the 37-member board to authorize borrowing," reports Verburg.

End game of destruction

So, if you see the major indices falling and a global economic crisis coming again, the last thing the GOP wants is the crisis addressed and averted through a comprehensive monetary and fiscal program, so the GOP is content to obstruct.

Pathological. And unless the Democrats tell what's happening, the GOP will get away with it.

As Robert Reich writes:
[The GOP] stated in no uncertain terms the Fed should take no further action to lower long-term interest rates and juice the economy. 'We have serious concerns that further intervention by the Federal Reserve could exacerbate current problems or further harm the U.S. economy.'

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