Sep 20, 2011

Repeal Day - Don't Ask, Don't Tell Ended

As some of the estimated 49,000
active-duty gay troops come
forward when the law barring gays
from serving openly goes ends,
a Military Times poll shows tolerance
of open service continues to rise.
John McCain, the religious right and bigots of all stripes quake in moral terror at the thought that equality, civil rights and duty ought drive service in the U.S. military
The Department of Defense has a special website, laudable, and almost comical on answering questions arising from the historic repeal reflecting the ignorance and cowardice of so many Americans turning their backs on their fellows. You don't stand for the rights of your fellow Americans, what do you stand for?

"Repeal Day Memo" reads the top sub-head, an example of how ridiculous are so many in the American Evangelical, Dominionist movement who read today's headlines in horror.

President Barack Obama
"As of September 20th, service members will no longer be forced to hide who they are in order to serve our country. Our military will no longer be deprived of the talents and skills of patriotic Americans just because they happen to be gay or lesbian."
President of the United States
July 22, 2011

Secretary Leon E. Panetta
"All men and women who serve this nation in uniform -- no matter their race, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation -- do so with great dignity, bravery, and dedication. As secretary of defense, I am committed to promoting an environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers that prevent service members from rising to the highest level of responsibility that their talents and capabilities warrant."
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta
July 22, 2011

Navy Adm. Mike Mullen
“My confidence in our ability to accomplish this work rests primarily on the fact that our people are capable, well-led and thoroughly professional. I have never served with finer men and women. They will, I am certain, carry out repeal and continue to serve this country with the same high standards and dignity that have defined the U.S. military throughout our history.”

Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff
July 22, 2011

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