Sep 26, 2011

GOP-Is-Crazy Meme Is Taking Hold

As the Republican presidential candidates attempt to out do each other of how crazy they are, the message from President Obama to the rest of the country is confused, but one signal is clear: Crazy.

'Not as crazy as the GOP' appears to be the operative slogan from Obama 2012.

Small groups of GOP partisans in the debate audiences are scaring middle America as word gets out that these people are off-the-charts.

Chauncy Devaga writes:
They cheer at the thought of an uninsured person dying. They cheer at the thought of State-sponsored murder.

In all, the 2012 Tea Party Republican debates have revealed that they are a death cult, a cabal of ghouls.

Some observers were shocked and surprised by the behavior of the Tea Party Republicans and its supporters during the primary debates. Others have complained that CNN's [ongoing] surrender of air time to the Tea Party is a compromise of journalistic ethics.

 I would suggest that to the latter, CNN performed a public service by providing a window into the Tea Party Republican soul. And to the former, there should be no surprise here: in the Age of Obama, contemporary Conservatism has surrendered itself to a particularly virulent, dystopian, and pathologically hyper-individualist state of nature, 'all against many,' type of populist Right-wing ideology
From Blogging Blue:

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