Aug 15, 2011

Wisconsin Dems 8-4 Going into Final Two Recall Elections

The Democrats will win the two remaining recall elections against Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) and Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Eagle River) Tuesday, capping a historic recall campaign season that will see the Democrats go 10-4 against Republican opponents (including the so-called GOP 'protest' candidate primary races) in senate districts drawn to elect Republicans.

The results almost guarantee a recall election against Scott Walker.

The two Republican-Tea Party opponents have little public service, plenty of corruption; and expressed no objection when the GOP outsourced its recall efforts, using paid signature gatherers from the shady Colorado-based Kennedy Enterprises to try to recall the Democratic senators who stalled the Scott Walker attack on Wisconsin families.

120,000-plus at Rally - March 12, 2011
Last week's recall general elections against six Republican senators saw the GOP garner just 50.2 percent of the combined districts' vote in the Republican gerrymandered districts.

So, a 10-4 record. Enough to make the play-offs for sure.

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