Aug 22, 2011

Tommy Thompson's Early Problem Is Himself

Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson has not learned from Karl Rove, or from Brett Farve for that matter.

Karl Rove's attempt to force a Sarah Palin decision on running for the GOP nomination for president in 2012 ought to be applied to Thompson who has [one too many times] played with the idea of his getting in, "You can only tease so many times in the political process, and I think she is getting to the end of that," said Rove on Fox.

But Thompson's latest tease has people thinking "Farve" [no need to elaborate], no matter that it's August.

' .... , or get off the pot,' as the saying goes.

People are not well in this economy; and want to know if a prospective office-holder knows this fact.

Put another way; politics is more about the people, not so much about politicians.

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