Aug 10, 2011

King-Hopper Race by the Numbers

2011 Recall Election             Votes Percent

Jessica King (D)                      28,188   51.11%
Randy Hopper (R)                   26,937   48.86%

Candidates - 2008 Race      Votes Percent

Randy Hopper (R)                 41,904   50.05%
Jessica King (D)                    41,741   49.86%

Just 65 percent of the 2008 presidential general election total showed up at the polls to oust Randy Hopper in senate district 18.

Still considering an election held in early August, a period when one never launches a marketing or political campaign, the turn-out was significant showing a general disgust with Hopper's turning his back on his community and family.

Jessica King
Against this lying, sleazing, Scott Walker-loving politician of Randy Hopper [the people who know him best in the City of Fond du Lac gave more votes to King], we may have just seen the birth a coming political superstar: Jessica King, who genuinely believes that government by and for the people shall not perish from the great state of Wisconsin.

"It is an honor to have the support of the people of the 18th State Senate district," said King on election night. "I look forward to going to Madison to stand up for the working families, seniors and students of Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Black Wolf, Waupun and all across the 18th District. Their voices will be once again heard."

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