Aug 14, 2011

Kim Simac Calls for Employers to Foot Bill for Medicaid

Kim Simac, Recall Candidate
Employers should pay for Medicaid costs, says Simac

Kim Simac is challenging Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) in one of the final two recall elections Tuesday.

But Simac is drawing laughs across Wisconsin through her stunning ignorance and to be charitable: Bat-craziness. For example, Simac can't name one single legislative bill she supports or opposes (Bice), but just knows that she should be elected to the legislature.


This next gem takes the cake, and is the most offensive and dangerous of Simac's quasi proposals, as Simac makes common cause with Paul Ryan's plan to kill Medicaid and Medicare.

Here's the plan: Simac says we can revitalize the Wisconsin economy, people will leave Medicaid ["some people (will) come off of it," in her words] and then employers will provide Medicaid for their employees. Problem solved.

But a big issue with Simac's solution to buttressing Medicaid is the over-looked fact this social insurance program provides health insurance coverage to folks with lower incomes who likely will not present a skill set attractive to prospective employers in pitching employers' pick up all of the rising health insurance costs, supplanting the state-run subsidy.

From the Rhinelander Daily News (Laurel Carlson): Simac said: "I think that if we can revitalize the economy in this state, you're going to see it maybe kick back and some people come off of it as they can afford to get their own health care, as their employers can provide it for them, so I think that that will be part of the solution."

Employers paying more health care costs will likely not win Simac any points.

Enemy Among Us

Simac warns there is an "enemy living among us" in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, but refuses to specify what the enemy is. Simac also sounds the alarm that American public schools are accurately compared to Nazi Germany; maybe those nefarious English teachers and the furtive-looking janitors are the analogues of the Wehrmacht and Gestapo respectively. [Apologies to my friends, Mikey and Walter; I know you hate NAZI humor.]

A clear and present danger from this wanna-be policymaker is her utter inability or refusal to grasp public policy.

So committed to ignorance is Simac, she makes Sarah Palin look like Joel Rogers, Professor of Law, Political Science and Sociology; Director, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) and MacArthur Foundation fellow at UW-Madison.

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