Jul 22, 2011

Republicans Want to Alter Constitution to Oust Chief Justice Abrahamson

Republicans despise Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's independence and fidelity to the rule of law

From Daily Kos

There is no doubt that Wisconsin Republicans dislike progressive Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. As the longest sitting jurist on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, appointed first in 1976 and winning reelection four times since then, she has been Chief Justice since 1996. Wisconsin state statute makes the Justice with the most seniority the Chief Justice, and Abrahamson has filled that role with intelligence and levelheadedness, even in the face of overt hostility from Justice Prosser and difficult issues before the court in recent months.

Chief Justice Abrahamson's tenure as Chief Justice is going to end, if the Republicans have anything to do with it. Another hastily designed, written, and soon to be passed item circulating in the legislature is a change in the State Constitution article VII, which speaks to the position of the Chief Justice.

See Daily Kos.

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