Jul 14, 2011

Updated - Net Troll's Federal Court Sanction Highest Imposed by Nevada Chief Justice

Righthaven LLC [Image - Michael Leon]
Update: Trailblazing attorney, Todd Kincannon of The Kincannon Firm announced he is accepting past and present Righthaven defendants as new clients for class action ( mass action) litigation against Righthaven, its media clients, and others involved in the Righthaven operation.

If you have been sued by Righthaven, even if you have already settled your case, you are invited to call or email. Cases will be taken on contingency, meaning if there is no recovery, clients will not have to pay for The Kincannon Firm’s services.

If you are interested, call The Kincannon Firm at 877-99-COURT or email http://www.blogger.com/Todd@TheKincannonFirm.com.
Update: A Nevada veterans' advocate told me that Righthaven LLC, Internet troll, and its scumbag attorney, Shawn Mangano, may target this veterans' advocate, Michael Leon, again in its lawsuit mill out of spite for having been ordered to pay $3,800 in attorneys' fees.

Observers in Chief Justice Roger Hunt's courtroom said that the Righthaven sanctions hearing today for its repeated misrepresentations made in federal court featured the most heavily attended hearing of all of Righthaven's litigation campaign.

Judge Hunt's ruling [available soon] was characterized by an observer as a "stern beating," using brutal language, delivered in a stern tone by Justice Hunt.

Legal observers see this sanction as a shot across the bow against this notorious Internet troll.

Steve Green reports, "[Judge] Hunt ordered Righthaven to disclose its original lawsuit contract with Stephens Media in active lawsuits over Review-Journal material. He also ordered that a transcript of today’s hearing, in which he made several negative comments about Righthaven’s conduct, be posted on Righthaven court dockets."

In Righthaven LLC v. Democratic Underground LLC et al, Case No. 2:10-cv-01356 (D. Nev.), Judge Hunt said, Righthaven's "conduct was 'not negligence,' but part of a 'concerted effort to hide Stephens Media’s role in this litigation.'" Moreover, Hunt described Righthaven as a law firm masquerading as a company. [J. DeVoy]

Update from last post: Righthaven LLC fined $5,000 for misleading the court about its lawsuits. Attorneys for Righthaven were not personally punished by Judge Hunt. [Steve Green] Righthaven likely does not realize this, but once you have been sanctioned for misrepresentations, Rule 11 violations and state bar sanctions often follow, especially for this now-infamous lawsuit mill. Every motion can now can refer to this ruling by Judge Hunt.

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