Jun 14, 2011

Obama Should Learn from Wisconsin

Update: See Protesters Spread the News: Keep Hands Off Medicare and The 7 most awful truths you need to know about Paul Ryan’s war on Medicare.

President Obama should mention Protecting Medicare so often that it brings to mind how endlessly Brent Musburger used to tout: "On CBS" in the 70s-80s.

The vast majority of Americans wants Medicare and Social Security protected from Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan and the insurance industry.

What President Obama has not achieved is to develop a communication strategy reflecting this popular sentiment of the Americans who voted him into office.

Medicare and Social Security are great economics, demonstrate respect for the citizens who lived in our country the longest, and are great politics.

Wisconsin Recall

Here in Wisconsin the Republicans similarly target popular programs and guarantees that make Wisconsin a great place to live: Access to and protection of voting rights, local control of government, craft breweries, open and clean government, freedom to assembly; the list seems endless.

But unlike the Obama administration, citizens here have in every way, on every day made their views and voices heard.

No one has to guess how Wisconsin feels about the Scott Walker-Randy Hopper regime.

As for President Obama, just over two years into his administration, his message is: Whaaat?

Working families matter; our seniors deserve our respect; the freedom to associate and organize is valued; and people are aching to participate in our country's public affairs in the hope and with the faith that we still live in a democracy.

President Obama, clarify your commitments and fight for us ... like now. One more thing, on the White House issues page, list Medicare! Also: I have been surfing the White House site and I cannot find one photo of the president with the cutline: 'I will not allow any attacks by the enemies of Medicare.'

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