Jun 15, 2011

Corrupt Open Meeting Ruling Steels Resolve of Citizens

Ismael R. Ozanne v. Jeff Fitzgerald/State v. Circuit Court for Dane County

is a dark scandal in the Wisconsin justice system.

The four corrupt partisans on the Wisconsin Supreme Court handed the GOP the victory that is has been clamoring for this week.

But the recall and family protection movement will only strengthen.

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's dissent blasted the corrupt partisan ruling: The majority " ... reached a pre-determined conclusion not based on the facts and the law, which undermines the majority's ultimate decision."

The majority justices "make their own findings of fact, mischaracterize the parties' arguments, misinterpret statutes, minimize (if not eliminate) Wisconsin constitutional guarantees, and misstate case law, appearing to silently overrule case law dating back to at least 1891," Abrahamson wrote. [MJS]

The case is Ozanne et al v. Fitzgerald, Ellis et al [Case No.: 2011AP000613-LV Ismael R. Ozanne v. Jeff Fitzgerald and Case No.: 2011AP000765-W State v. Circuit Court for Dane County].

From Blogging Blue, State Sen. Chris Larson had this to say: “It is a shame that the partisan agenda of special interest groups and big corporations has seeped into the very foundation of Wisconsin’s court system,” said Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee).

In March of this year, Republicans forced passage of Act 10 despite their actions violating Senate Rules and Procedures. Act 10 was the first step in Governor Walker’s unprecedented attack on basic worker rights and the middle class.

“Today is a dark day for Wisconsin,” said Sen. Larson. “This legislation and the subsequent ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court will undo over 50 years of progress in labor working with management to move Wisconsin forward.”

As Governor Walker and his rubberstamp Republican legislators have already made clear, this attack on worker’s rights was politically-motivated, not fiscal in nature, and will not be tolerated by the People of Wisconsin.

“We are reminded today what is at stake in Wisconsin,” said Sen. Larson. “Wisconsin is at the front of an unprecedented assault on workers and the middle class. Wisconsin voters

From One Wisconsin Now:

I remain here at the Capitol with thousands of other activists protesting Governor Walker and the Republican's continued assault on Wisconsin's way of life, and we have just received news that the four conservative member of our Supreme Court have aided and abetted Gov. Scott Walker's crime against 175,000 working Wisconsinites by overturning the lower court and allowing his disastrous attack on the rights of workers to stand as law.

But we remain unbowed. United. Standing for workers and Wisconsin's middle class.

Do you stand with us?

The disastrous agenda of Walker and the Republicans is fueling an unprecedented mobilization and awoken the middle class to the horrors of government bought and paid for by corporate special interests.

The fight goes on. I pledge that One Wisconsin Now will continue to aggressively fight for the values we share -- of decency, of caring for the least among us, for equal rights, for quality schools and the right to collectively bargain in the workplace.

Do you stand with us? If so, please help our efforts with a contribution tonight. I know that we have asked for your help many times, but you have all been so steadfast with your support so far. I know I can count on you again. Stand with us and speak out with one voice, and tell Governor Walker and his conservatives lackeys that this aggression against Wisconsin's working families will not stand.

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