Jun 9, 2011

Armed Guards and Metal Detectors Await Wisconsinites Seeking Entry to Capitol—Formerly the People's House

Democracy dies under the GOP
A week after State Sen. Randy Hopper (Fond du Lac) was caught on video accosting and threatening a Wisconsin citizen in the capitol, Hopper ally, Gov. Scott Walker, continues to post armed guards and metal detectors in the People's House.

"Walker and Company have slowed public access to the Capitol to a near-halt. They’ve closed nearly all of the entrances to the Capitol and force every man, woman and child who doesn’t work in the building to go through metal detectors just to get inside," notes One Wisconsin Now. "I cannot tell you how outrageous it is to watch seniors citizens emptying their pockets and having their purses gone through just to visit the Capitol, or kids on a field trip being treated like they are a security threat."

The married Hopper is good at cheating on his wife and getting his 26-year-old mistress a job in the Walker administration, but not a peep out of Hopper or any other Republican on this ongoing assault against Wisconsin democracy and Wisconsin families.

Notes One Wisconsin Now: "Gov. Walker and the Republicans have repeatedly lied to people of Wisconsin about the security 'threats' at the Capitol and the peaceful protests of Walker's disastrous agenda."

Hopper too has skipped public events in his district, citing security threats.

Maybe Walker will make an exception for allowing easy entry for 20-something mistresses in the capitol. It would be a tiny step in the right direction for Wisconsin democracy under Republican rule.

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