May 14, 2011

Righthaven's Atty, Shawn Mangano, Is Desperate

Notorious Internet troll, Righthaven's Shawn Mangano, is turning into one Scaredy Cat.

After Righthaven saw its case dismissed by the Honorable Judge Gloria M. Navarro on April 20, Righthaven's attorney, Shawn Mangano, phoned me from Nevada and unleashed a stream of invectives at about 4:20 P.M. Central time [I log and document such items when dealing with Righthaven].

Made for an amusing conversation; though I sincerely was concerned about Mangano suffering a stroke in the Nevada heat though he phoned from some outfit entitled "Investors Realt [cut off]" on caller ID. Made some other significant, shall I say, documentation of the phone call.

Now, Righthaven Victims reports at least three legal groups are donating their work pro bono in an apparent bid to rid the profession of these vampires.

In an e-mail to my attorney at the time, J. Malcolm Deyoy of the Randazza Legal Group, Mangano complained about a number of statements made by his-then client, me, embarrassing Mangano repeatedly.

One complaint concerns Righthaven's attorney, Steven Ganim. Ganim is not licensed to practice law in Nevada.

Writing this fact, first reported by Righthaven Victims, [see also Righthaven Turnover Rate Resembles Fast Food Chain Operation, April 18, 2011] made Mangano very angry and threatening.

Writes Mangano to my attorney in a letter dated April 19, "Your client has also disseminated that Mr. Ganim is apparently not a member of the State Bar of Nevada. In doing so, your client has attempted to cast the impression that Mr. Ganim is holding himself out an attorney when he is not licensed to do so. Once again your client is wrong."

Mangano threatened to sue me for libel for telling the truth. Absurd as usual.

Righthaven Victims has a new, related update: "Another Attorney Defending a Righthaven Victim on a Pro Bono basis Seeks Attorney Fees" (May 13).

‘Casting an impression' as libel, a novel interpretation of libel law applied to stating an undisputed fact. So here:

Attorney Mangano of Wronghaven LLC,

Here's what I want from you. I want you to call Ganim and borrow Bar materials on the elements of "libel" and study very hard. You can help Ganim pass the Nevada Bar and kill two birds at once.

Then I want you to study Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 11, (b) Representations to the Court and likewise study very hard.

The same for Summary Judgement.

No apologies necessary. Just bone up on the law.

Do not waste the Court's time. Bad form, fella.

Oh, and quit screwing over decorated veterans like Wayne Hoehn. I like that guy.

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