May 12, 2011

Mikey Weinstein Inflicts the Morons

Just another day for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Mikey Weinstein.

Yesterday's hate mail; subject heading "mikey the kikey":
aw, too bad that mikey the kikey doesnt like the Wash Times calling the Air Forces Academy's freak religins exactly what they are, FREAK Religons? of course because hes a piece of shit jew filth trying to hide behind the constittusion so he can be of his true coniving Savior killing jew nature. And demon-clever lawyer away all of our Christian rights out of our Christian country and Christian army, navy, air force and marines founded by Christians FOR Christians and BY Christians. kikey mikey doesnt like it? MFRR doesnt like it? it doesnt matter since you will all burn in hell for murdering the USA savior Jesus Christ who is not a freak religiun unlike jews and islams and hundis and buddists and athists and all the other homo freaks you try to replace peaceful American Christians with. mikey the kikey mikey the kikey mikey the kikey mikey the kikey see you soon (name withheld)

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