Apr 2, 2011

Senate chief clerk: Fitzgeralds, Walker Admin Met Prior to Open Meeting Violation

Patrick Marley and Lee Bergquist of the MJS report:
Testimony also showed Republicans discussed forming the committee on March 7 - 48 hours before the committee met. That would have left them time to provide 24 hours' notice for the meeting, but [Senate chief clerk Rob] Marchant said he did not believe a final decision on creating the committee was made until March 9.

At the meeting were: Fitzgerald; his brother, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon); Brian Hayes, Walker's budget director; Eric Schutt, Walker's deputy chief of staff; Bob Lang, director of the Legislative Fiscal Bureau; and the chief clerks of both houses.
What is clear is that the Walker administration and the GOP legislature conspired to break Wisconsin's Open Meeting law.

See also Fitzgerald got legal advice from Walker’s legal counsel before contacting LRB to publish union-busting “law.”

One political issue that may present itself is didn't Walker and/or Fitzgeralds deny colluding on the March 9 sneak attack?

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