Apr 13, 2011

Scott Walker: I know what's best for all cities, towns, villages

Hopper mistress gets state job in February

Good bye local control, Scott Walker is your mayor, manager, common council and board of village trustees.

You considering a school-voucher program at taxpayers' expense? Walker will tell you when, where and if.

You want paid sick pay for working families taken ill. Walker says 'no.' He has made his decision.

You want your teachers, snowplow drivers, nurses, prison guards, EMTs and public officials to make an honest living. Walker and the GOP will be the judge of that.

The GOP, along with Sen. Randy Hopper (Fond du Lac) and the whole bunch of them is going along for the ride as they secure state-funded jobs for their girlfriends and political contributors and their families; and turn their back on the rest of us.

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